USACIL Legal and CODIS Support

The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory provides Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and legal support for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies as well as legal offices. This support uses a Common Access Card enabled request system and is for official use only.

USACIL SharePoint

CODIS SharePoint

Legal Support SharePoint

Discovery Request Form

Witness Request Form

Court Testimony Survey Form
If do not have a common access card or you cannot access any of the links above, please consult our CAC access process for USACIL SharePoint.

If you still cannot access the links, you may submit manual requests using the PDF documents listed below.

Discovery Request PDF

Witness Request PDF

Court Testimony Survey PDF

Once complete send them to:

U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory
4930 North 31st Street, Forest Park, GA 30297
Hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, closed on weekends and federal holidays.
☎: +1-404-469-4631 | DSN: 312-797-4631
✉: USACIL Headquarters