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Spotlight | Jan. 22, 2024

Michelle Henry's Professional Journey

Principal Deputy Assistant Director, Human Resources Directorate

I have 30+ years of civilian human resources (HR) experience; 20+ years has been with Army CID. My previous positions at CID were as the Chief of the Human Capital Division, Chief of the Civilian HR Division and HR Specialist. In my current position, I have oversight of all aspects of HR management for more than 1300 civilians. The HR Directorate has over 70 employees in four divisions to include: Security and Force Protection; Position Management and Classification; Recruitment and Placement; Benefits and Compensation; Management-Employee Relations and Performance Management; Policy and Training Development; and Compliance.
I am a professional who believes in leading by example. My goals are to motivate, inspire and help others to see and achieve their full potential. I understand that being a leader means being flexible and changing leadership styles to encourage the best from everyone. To do this effectively, I listen attentively, and I am available for those who seek my advice and guidance. I am a big advocate of teamwork embracing change with an open mind.

It is important to understand the power within “Quiet leadership - a leadership style characterized by humility and focused on listening rather than speaking.  Quiet leaders tend to be reflective, thoughtful, deliberate in their actions often prioritizing collaboration, empowerment, and a supportive work environment.”

I want folks to understand that “quiet” leadership is not a weakness, but a strength and the tone is set in “leading by example.”  You don’t use assertiveness or domination to get your point across as a leader, you model it!