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Spotlight | Jan. 22, 2024

Caroline Frye's Professional Journey

Assistant Director, Business Operations

After 27 years in Defense Intelligence with the Marine Corps and across the Services, I accepted an opportunity to serve the Army and the law enforcement mission as Army CID’s Assistant Director of Business Operations.

Why would anyone leave a job they loved, after 27 years? A story may help explain.

Unenthusiastically, I entered public service with Marine Corps Intelligence in 1997 as a part-time, GS-7 editorial assistant. Having been raised by self-employed, unconventional, risk-taking, and remarkable parents; then married to an equally creative and determined husband; then the gift of becoming a mother to a frighteningly brilliant “spectrum” child… the structure of anything that sniffed of “military” and further, intelligence, was not high on my must-try list.  However, risk is not something from which I have ever shied, outright.

I learned quickly my reluctance was unfounded. The breadth of opportunity to work hard, learn, accomplish, be creative, and make and lead change was breathtaking. Over time, I worked on intelligence production, analysis, standards, instruction, writing, editorial, design, knowledge management, operations, information technology, human capital, fiscal resource, data management, and leadership issues.  

More interestingly and importantly, I worked hospitality issues.

By “hospitality”, I do not necessarily mean social events, though I am keen on the golf tournaments, holiday parties, and, oh, I do love potlucks.
What I mean by “hospitality” is the gift of giving; the whole-hearted satisfaction of giving everything you know to make a situation better. Giving what you know to the people you work with each day so they can succeed. Giving to the team because they succeed with your help. Giving to an effort because it results in something special and pride-worthy. Giving to a cause to address something that did not work well before. Giving to an organization of teams that, together, achieves more than anyone expected. Giving and learning from a diverse team to which everyone contributes. Giving in celebration of each other’s achievements. Giving to lift each other up during challenge. Giving to earn trust.

Giving to ensure we each know we belong and are valued. Giving to achieve, together.

Why did I leave a job I loved after 27 years? Largely, because of you. The opportunity to serve with you at Army CID, an organization that is demonstrably, measurably, and fearlessly committed to developing further its members and its institution to their finest was too attractive to turn down.

Thank you for the invitation. I cannot wait to achieve more than you or I thought of – with you.