Be an Active Duty CID Special Agent

Get on the fast-track to becoming a federal agent with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division. Check out the requirements below and begin the application process at the CID Application Processing Portal (DoD Network/Common Access Card access only). For additional information, Active duty Soldiers can contact the CID Recruiting Operations Cell at or call 571-305-4348/4337/4369. Reserve Soldiers must go through their local CID Reserve unit.

  • - Integrity
  • - High moral standards
  • - Courage to do what is right
  • - Respect and knowledge of the law

Frequently asked questions about joining CID
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Not in the Army yet? No problem

If you are a college graduate considering a career as a federal law enforcement officer, check out the CID Direct Accessions Program. The program is open to applicants interested in active duty positions within the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division. To be considered for the program, applicants must have a bachelor's degree or higher in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Computer Science, Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, Legal Studies, Accounting, Finance, Psychology or Biology. After successfully completing U.S. Army Basic Combat Training, applicants must complete 31B Military Police One Station Unit Training and the CID Special Agent Course. For more information and to see if you qualify, contact your local U.S. Army recruiter.

Download the CID Direct Accessions "Take One" card.

What to know about joining CID

CID agents training


Do you have what it takes to be a CID Special Agent? Help the Army's fight against crime and begin a career in federal law enforcement.

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CID agent collecting evidence


Read the basic qualifications necessary to join the CID team. Check out the standards and get ready to start your career with CID.

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Once selected to become a CID Special Agent, Soldiers attend 16 weeks of specialized training at the U.S. Army Military Police School.

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Apply now

Begin your application with the CID Application Processing Portal. You will need to access the application via a Common Access Card enabled device.

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Requirements to join CID

  • NOTE: The only waivers or exceptions to the listed requirements are for law enforcement experience.
  • - Must be a U.S. citizen
  • - Minimum age of 21
  • - Completed Basic Leader Course (formerly known as the Warrior Leader Course)
  • - Maximum grade of SGT
  • - Minimum of two, maximum of 10 years of military service
  • - A degree, Associates or higher, from an accredited institution
  • - Minimum Skilled Technical (ST) score of 107 and minimum General Technical (GT) score of 110
  • - Consistently meet the height and weight standards prescribed in AR 600-9 and consistently pass the Army Physical Fitness Test
  • - Ability to deploy worldwide, have no physical limitations and normal color vision
  • - Must possess a valid driver’s license and favorable driving record
  • - Ability to speak and write clearly
  • - Minimum of one year of military police experience or two years civilian police experience (May be waived for Active duty only)


  • - Suitable character, integrity, reputation, sobriety, discretion, and stability as established by a Single Scope Background Investigation and other information developed during application processing
  • - No pattern of behavior or actions that is reasonably indicative of a contemptuous attitude toward the law or other duly constituted authority
  • - No courts martial convictions or record of any disciplinary action under UCMJ, which indicates behavior inconsistent with the high standards of a CID Special Agent
  • - No record of pre-trial intervention or conviction by military or civil court of the following: 1) Any offense involving force or violence, 2) Any major misconduct offense per AR 601-210, para 4-11 or charges considered felonies under the local law, regardless of disposition, 3) Two or more misconduct offenses per AR 601-210, para 4-10, regardless of disposition
  • - No record of having less than an honorable discharge or Lost Time
  • - No record of mental or emotional disorders
  • - No record of unsatisfactory credit
  • - 36 months of service obligation upon completion of the CID Special Agent Course

NOTE: Must have completed at least 12 months (CONUS) or two-thirds the tour length (OCONUS) at current duty station prior to application submission.

For additional information, Active duty Soldiers may contact the CID Recruiting Operations Cell at or call 571-305-4348/ 4337/4369. Reserve Soldiers must inquire through a CID Reserve unit.

CID Special Agent's Oath

I do hereby swear (or affirm) that I shall support and uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States; that I shall endeavor to discharge my responsibilities as a United States Army CID Special Agent in accordance there with; that I shall at all times seek diligently to discover the truth, deterred neither by fear nor prejudice; and that I shall strive to be worthy of the special trust reposed in me by my country, the United States Army, and the Criminal Investigation Division.