Defense Forensic Science Center

Judicial Support Process

dfsc logoThe DFSC has streamlined and digitized the Judicial Support process. We are utilizing a Common Access Card (CAC) enabled portal to facilitate submission of Discovery Requests, Witness Requests, and the Court Testimony Survey. To access the websites linked below, select your proper email certificate when prompted. Once you’ve submitted a request, a notice of receipt will be emailed to you.

Judicial Support FAQ

Discovery Requests

In response to a Discovery Request, the Center will provide you with a Trial Packet in the form of a combined document file and any specific data files. The completed packet will be sent within 10 business days. The packet will be uploaded to the portal and will be active for 10 days before being deleted.

As per AR 195-2 Section 6-5, the USACIL will not release case file material without a written request by the trial counsel or the staff judge advocate responsible for the case. A request from the defense counsel shall be submitted through the trial counsel responsible for the case.

Requests for USACIL quality management documents, accreditation documents and all discovery requests shall be made using the Discovery Portal link below which is preferred as it is the most effective and expeditious. Requests can also be made by written memorandum or by Common Access Card signed electronic mail to Court Mailbox at Please fill out the Discovery form linked below no later than 20 days prior to the court martial or other hearing for which the documents are needed. Be sure to select your email certificate.

Due to the number of discovery requests, the USACIL is unable to guarantee compliance with expedited requests.

Discovery Request Form

Quality Documents

The DFSC’s Quality Documents will not be part of the Trial Packet. They are now accessible via the same portal, here.

Witness Requests

The forensic examiners associated with a particular case will be notified in response to a Witness Request. They will initiate the necessary actions to secure travel arrangements. Additional guidance on this submission type is at the bottom of the Witness Request Form.

Court Testimony Survey

It is imperative to our quality management system and for our continued accreditation that the Center receive feedback from our customers, so please take the time to fill out our Court Testimony Survey Form.