Command Intelligence Operations Center (CIOC)

The Command Intelligence Operations Center (CIOC), under the direction of the CID G2/G3, is the focal point of CID’s efforts to provide criminal intelligence, domestic threat and law enforcement information support through collaborative efforts for Army customers.

The CIOC consists of two branches: Investigative Analysis, and Threat Analysis. The Investigative Analysis Branch is responsible for:
- Producing quantitative and qualitative criminal intelligence reports in direct support of CID investigations and operations.
- Provide support to command staff, internal CID units and external federal agencies in responding to request for assistance/requests for information.
- Provide support and analysis for specific cases, requested by command or field agents by producing link analysis, timelines, association charts, or in the collection of relevant case information.

The Threat Analysis Branch is responsible for:
- Collection, analysis and dissemination of processed criminal intelligence threat information and products, which are provided to a full spectrum of U.S. Army customers, ranging from an engaged operational Army to Army commands, Army Service Component commands and Direct Reporting Units.

Field Analysts:
In addition to having analytical support at the HQ element, there are also assigned investigative analysts at several Army installations. They work alongside CID case agents to evaluate data, and provide products such as link analysis, and investigative reports.

For more information on the CIOC, email or call the Division Chief at 571-305-4303.