CID Special Agent Training

agent trainingThe training received by CID Special Agents as part of their initial and continuous professional development is part of what has established the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command as the Department of Defense’s premier investigative agency. Once selected to become a Special Agent with CID, Soldiers will attend 16 weeks of specialized training as part of the CID Special Agent Course at the U.S. Army Military Police School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

The initial training will provide you with a whole new set of tools to utilize in the development of your skills as an investigator as your work towards the mastery of your craft. The training is fast-paced and thought provoking and covers everything from crime scene processing to interviews and interrogations. The training has been accredited by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board, which speaks volumes to the level of training that every Soldier receives. The instructors are some of the most respected law enforcement professionals in the field and the quality and the level of instruction is second to none.

The training you receive will provide you with the technical skills that will permit you to execute any felony investigative mission with success. However, as with any profession, your continued success will be based upon what must be a life-long learning approach. As a new agent at your first duty assignment, you will receive mentorship and field training by senior agents; while being given an opportunity to apply the multitude of felony investigative techniques you have learned in real-life scenarios. It is imperative that CID Special Agents maintain the highest levels of technical and tactical training proficiency. There are many similarities between civilian law enforcement agencies and CID; however, Army CID has an additional area of responsibility -- to conduct criminal investigations during periods of military conflict. There are three general categories of training for CID personnel:

Professional - Professional training provides new personnel training in their primary function and teaches experienced personnel advanced and supervisory skills. Examples of professional training are: Child Abuse Prevention and Investigative Techniques, Crisis/Hostage Negotiations, Protective Service Training, Advanced Crime Scene Investigation Techniques, and Special Victim Unit Investigator Course.

Sustainment - Sustainment training is designed to maintain individual proficiency and learn new methods of focusing their investigative resources. It may also be considered as refresher training to keep personnel current in the latest developments in their areas of responsibility. The majority of military sustainment training is conducted at the unit level and includes additional training on topics initially covered in initial training, as well as DoD and DA mandated training requirements.

Specialty - CID Special Agents may apply for and attend training to become qualified in specialized fields, areas or skills. Select agents are eligible to receive advanced training at the FBI Academy, Canadian Police College, Scotland Yard, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy and the Defense Academy of Credibility Assessment, formerly known as the DoD Polygraph Institute. Select agents can also be accepted into the Masters Degree Program in Forensic Science from George Mason University.

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