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News | July 7, 2023

Honored for a half-century of distinguished service Special Agent Guy A. Surian

Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division

After more than 50 years of selfless service to the United States Army, Special Agent Guy Surian retired during a ceremony at Quantico, Virginia, June 26.

Hailing from California, Surian began his Army career in 1972 as a Military Police patrolman with tours of duty in the Republic of Korea and Georgia, before becoming a CID Special Agent warrant officer.

“The impact Guy has had on CID cannot be overstated,” said Gregory Ford, director, Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division. “I’m so thankful he was here when the transformation began because he has been an invaluable source of information and expertise. He stood up CID’s new Investigations and Operations Directorate and served as the senior advisor to the first civilian deputy director of CID. For years, he has provided direction and guidance to countless agents. His devotion to duty and commitment are truly commendable.”

As a Soldier, Surian served in positions such as battalion operations officer, CID task force operations officer, twice as an inspector general, and Special Agent-in-Charge. He ended his military career in 2000 at the rank of Chief warrant officer five and 28 years of service.

Surian, not ready to completely quit public service, continued his Army career and became the deputy G-3 at CID as a civilian employee. Over the next 22-plus years he helped investigate thousands of cases, provide oversight, and develop policy and procedures not just for criminal investigations, but also for criminal intelligence, antiterrorism, and force protection.

In 2004, Surian was appointed as the program manager for sexual assault investigation policy and procedures and has served on several Department of Defense and Department of the Army working groups.

In 2021, Surian helped establish the CID Investigations and Operations Directorate and became its first assistant director. He will complete his service to our nation as the strategic advisor to the deputy director of Army CID.

To increase response time and help prevent sexual harassment and assault in the U.S. Army, Surian contributed significantly to the development and implementation of the Special Victim Unit concept for CID, the recruitment of civilian sexual assault investigators, and the founding of the Special Victim Unit Investigation Course at the U.S. Army Military Police School at Fort Leonard-Wood, Missouri.

“The entire Military Police Corps Regiment and U.S. Army Military Police School join me in extending our sincerest appreciation and endless gratitude for all that you and your family have done for this community,” said Brig. Gen. Sarah Albrycht, commandant, U.S. Army Military Police School. “You have impacted thousands of Soldiers, officers, agents, and civilians throughout your career…you are leaving behind a tremendous legacy of service. Again, congratulations on a well-earned retirement. Thank you for your sage advice over the years, it made me a better leader.”

Surian said, “I’ve had great relationships with numerous people over the years… there’s tons of people right here in this room that I interacted with and done great things for me in all aspects, mentorship, and leadership and then doing all the necessary work behind the scenes that we go through in CID. I want to thank everybody for the memories… from Korea all the way through Pirmasens and Kaiserslautern…Thank you all for coming, thank you again for the memories.”

For his significant contribution to the Military Police Corps and the U.S. Army, Surian was awarded the Order of the Marechaussee in Gold. Only 51 people of the over 5,200 recipients, have been awarded this medal in gold. 

During the ceremony, Surian was also awarded the Distinguished Civilian Service Medal and inducted into the Army CID Hall of Fame on the spot. Director Ford waived the usual two-year waiting period for inductees and added Surian immediately due to his impact and contributions.