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Korea CID Field Offices

The Korea Field Office (CID) supports commanders by conducting criminal investigations of serious, sensitive or special interest matters, preventing crime, preserving the force and Army resources in peacetime, combat, and contingency operations throughout the detachment’s area of operations.

The Korea Field Office (CID) is broken down into six detachments that are responsible for conducting all U.S. Army felony investigations within the Korean Peninsula. The detachments assigned to Korea are as follows: Camp Humphreys, Camp Red Cloud, Camp Casey, Camp Carroll, Taegu and Yongsan.

Korea Field Office (KFO)
Commander, MAJ Timothy C. Johnson
1SG, MSG Anthony Pasqualichio
Mailing Address:
KFO (CID), 19th MP BN (CID)
Bldg# 1112, CP Coiner
Unit # 15304
APO AP 96205-5304
COMM: 011-82-2-7913-4550
DSN: (315) 723-4550

Camp Humphreys CID Office (CID138)
Special Agent in Charge Joseph White
Detachment Sergeant SGT Michael Roelofs
Mailing Address:
Humphreys (CID) Office, 20th MP DET (CID)
Bldg# 481, CP Humphreys
Unit# 15224
APO AP 96271-5224
COMM: 011-82-31-690-6155
DSN: (315) 753-6155

Camp Red Cloud CID Office (CID338)
Special Agent in Charge Jennifer Nims
Detachment Sergeant SSG Eric L. Hunter
Mailing Address:
CRC CID Office, 20th MP DET (CID)
Bldg# S-323, CP Red Cloud
Unit # 15352
APO AP 96258-5352
COMM: 011-81-31-870-7053
DSN: (315) 732-6749

Camp Casey CID Office (CID838)
Special Agent in Charge Unmi Purnell
Detachment Sergeant SFC Marc Jean-Francois
Mailing Address:
Casey CID Office, 21st MP DET (CID)
Bldg# S-2533, CP Casey
Unit# 15115
APO AP 96224-5115
COMM: 011-82-31-869-4239
DSN: (315) 730-3820

Camp Carroll CID Office (CID538)
Special Agent in Charge Scott Baillergeon
Mailing Address:
Carroll CID Office 20th MP DET (CID)
Bldg# S-267, CP Carroll
Unit# 15385
APO AP 96260-5385
COMM: 011-82-53-470-7442
DSN: (315) 765-7442

Taegu CID Office (CID438)
Special Agent in Charge Erik Lapiers
Detachment Sergeant SFC Anthony Christianson
Mailing Address:
Taegu CID Office, 20th MP DET (CID)
Bldg# S-1131, CP Henry
Unit# 15030
APO AP 96218-5020
COMM: 011-82-53-470-8199
DSN: (315) 768-8199

Yongsan CID Office (CID038)
Special Agent in Charge Willie Hernandez
Detachment Sergeant SFC Felicia Mitchell
Mailing Address:
Yongsan CID Office 21st MP DET (CID)
Bldg-S112, CP Coiner
APO AP 96205-5305
COMM: 011-82-2-7914-3512
DSN (315) 724-3512

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