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ActIve Duty Enlisted & Reserve requirements

- Must be a U.S. citizen
- Minimum age of 21
- Completed Basic Leader Course (formerly known as the Warrior Leader Course)
- Maximum grade of SGT or SSG (with one year or less time in grade) may apply with waiver (*See below)
- Minimum of two, maximum of 10 years of military service
- Minimum of 60 college semester hours from an accredited institution
- Minimum ST score of 107 and minimum GT score of 110
- Consistently meet the height and weight standards prescribed in AR 600-9 and consistently pass the Army Physical Fitness Test
- Ability to deploy worldwide, have no physical limitations and normal color vision
- Must possess a valid driver’s license and favorable driving record
- Ability to speak and write clearly
- Minimum of one year of military police experience or two years civilian police experience (May be waived for Active duty only)

*NOTE: SSGs (with one year or less time in grade) may only apply with waiver for law enforcement experience. 

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- Suitable character, integrity, reputation, sobriety, discretion, and stability as established by a Single Scope Background Investigation and other information developed during application processing
- No pattern of behavior or actions that is reasonably indicative of a contemptuous attitude toward the law or other duly constituted authority
- No courts martial convictions or record of any disciplinary action under UCMJ, which indicates behavior inconsistent with the high standards of a CID Special Agent
- No record of pre-trial intervention or conviction by military or civil court of the following:
*Any offense involving force or violence
*Any major misconduct offense per AR 601-210, para 4-11 or charges considered felonies under the local law, regardless of disposition
*Two or more misconduct offenses per AR 601-210, para 4-10, regardless of disposition
- No record of having less than an honorable discharge or Lost Time
- No record of mental or emotional disorders
- No record of unsatisfactory credit
- 36 months of service obligation upon completion of the CID Special Agent Course

NOTE: Must have completed at least 12 months (CONUS) or two-thirds the tour length (OCONUS) at current duty station prior to application submission.

For additional information, Active duty Soldiers may contact the CID Recruiting Operations Cell at or call 571-305-4348/ 4337/4369. Reserve Soldiers must inquire through a CID Reserve unit.

Civilian Special Agent (1811) requirements

Civilian criminal investigators in CID do not investigate general crimes, but are specialists in areas such as investigating computer system intrusions, polygraphy, operations, sexual assault, investigative policy and major contract procurement fraud. The full performance for all positions is GS-13.

Recruitment is typically done at the full performance level for all specialty areas, except for procurement fraud investigators. Procurement fraud investigators may be recruited in a developmental position at the GS-09 entry level and following three years of successful training with progressively more difficult assignments and job responsibilities, will culminate in a promotion to the full performance level of GS-13. Qualification requirements for the entry level procurement fraud investigator include either a minimum of three years felony investigative experience or a master’s degree in a related field such as law, business, accounting, contracting or criminal justice. Specialized experience involves obtaining physical and documentary evidence, interviewing witnesses, applying for and serving warrants for arrest, searches and seizures, seizing contraband, equipment, and vehicles, examining files,

and records, maintaining surveillance, performing undercover assignments, preparing investigative reports, testifying in hearings and trials and assisting U.S. Attorneys in the prosecution of court cases.

Education may be substituted for experience if the applicant has two full years of progressively higher-level graduate education, a masters or equivalent graduate degree. To be creditable, education must have been completed in an accredited college or university and must have provided the candidate with the abilities to perform the duties of the position.

These positions fall under the purview of the Federal Law Enforcement Retirement System. Therefore, in most cases, the applicant must be under age 37 to apply and must be appointed before reaching their 37th birthday.

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