Fort Rucker CID Office


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Fort Rucker CID Office

The Fort Rucker CID Office is located at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

The Fort Rucker CID Office’s core mission is to provide the highest quality criminal investigative support to the following major supported Commands: U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center, U.S. Army Air Traffic Services Command (ATSCOM), U.S. Army Installation Management Command, U.S. Army Aviation Center Logistics Command, Warrant Officer Career College and Joint Forces Training Center (MSARNG), Camp Shelby, MS.

The Fort Rucker CID Office conducts felony investigations in which the Army has an interest within the Southern and Central counties of Alabama, the Southern and Eastern counties of Mississippi and seven counties within the lower portion of Georgia.

The Fort Rucker CID Office Special Agent in Charge is SA Sheila Touchstone.  The Detachment Sergeant is SFC Steven Brown.

Mailing Address:
Fort Rucker CID Office
Bldg 5430, Raider Ave
Fort Rucker, AL  36362
Phone: 334-255-3108
Fax: 334-255-9187
DSN: 558

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