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DD Form 2086, Record of Freedom of Information Act Processing Cost (.pdf format)
Record of Freedom of Information Processing Cost

DoD Guidance on Attorney General Memo (.pdf format )
Contains the new FOIA policy memorandum issued by the Office of the Attorney General released on October 12, 2001.

Points of contact at Federal Agencies
The Department of Justice's Office of Information and Privacy is the principal contact point within the executive branch for advice and policy guidance on matters pertaining to the adminis-tration of the Freedom of Information Act. Through OIP's FOIA Counselor service, experienced FOIA advisers are available to respond to FOIA-related inquiries at (202) 514-3642 (514-FOIA).

For inter-agency contact purposes, the following list contains the principal FOIA contacts at all federal agencies dealing regularly with FOIA matters. In some instances (e.g., the Department of Defense), all major agency components are listed individually under the agencies. In other instances (e.g., the Food and Drug Administration), major agency components are listed separately. In still other instances (e.g., the Department of Labor), no components are listed, as it is the agency's preference that all FOIA contacts be made through its main FOIA office. Fax numbers and e-mail addresses are provided as a matter of agency preference as well. All telephone and fax numbers are listed by local area code, which can be dialed in the federal long distance system. OIP should be notified whenever there is a change in a principal agency FOIA contact or any change in title, telephone or fax number, or address.

Withholding Personal Information Pursuant to 10 USC 130b (.pdf format)

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