SA Walter Snyder


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Special Agent Walter Edward Snyder

Died: May 9, 1948

SA SnyderAgent Walter Snyder and Kriminalwachtmeister (Patrolman) Franz Eichinger of the Munich, Germany Police Department were shot and killed by a 17-year old boy during an attempted prison escape.

Agent Snyder and Kriminalwachtmeister Eichinger were transporting the suspect to the scene of an alleged murder that the 17-year old boy had fabricated to escape from prison. During the ride, the suspect was able to gain control of Kriminalwachtmeister Eichinger's service weapon, a revolver. The suspect then shot and killed Agent Snyder and Kriminalwachtmeister Eichinger. He then set the bodies of Agent Snyder and Kriminalwachtmeister Eichinger on fire.

The suspect fled but was later appended in Belgium. The suspect was sentenced to death by a United States Military Court, but that sentence was later reduced to life in prison. After serving several years in prison, the suspect was released upon agreement between United States and German authorities due to his teen age status at the time of the incident.

Agent Snyder was survived by his wife.

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