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CCIU logoSymbolism: The eagle and sword motifs are inspired by the seal for our parent unit, the 701st Military Police Group (CID). The eagle represents our law enforcement mission, while the sword represents our capabilities in time of war. The sword is fashioned as a lightning bolt to suggest the dynamic nature of our operations and the speed with which data traverses computer networks. The white star with red background is adopted from Army CID’s shoulder sleeve insignia and distinctive unit insignia. The global map depicts our worldwide area of responsibility, and the binary code spanning the oceans suggests how computers and the Internet have bridged the gaps between continents. The circuit board design suggests a critical component of modern computers, and by extension, our operations. The Military Police Corps insignia is reimagined as wiring on the circuit board, symbolically suggesting our historical lineage and CID’s command structure. The black and gold colors surrounding our logo are traditional U.S. Army colors and are central to the current U.S. Army logo.

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