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Photo of compassCCIU’s core values are:

Integrity – As stewards of the public trust, our words and deeds reflect what is legally, ethically, and morally right in pursuit of “Global Justice.”

Professionalism – We set the standard for others within the cyber crime community, exhibit a courteous and conscientious bearing, and demonstrate respect for each other and our customers.

Loyalty – We bear true faith and allegiance to the United States Constitution, our leaders, the United States Army, the Criminal Investigation Command, the Computer Crime Investigative Unit, and the citizens of this nation.

Perseverance – We are steadfast in our resolve to accomplish our mission, despite any obstacles, discouragement, or danger.

Innovation – We are leaders in the cyber crime community at finding better, smarter, and more effective and creative ways to operate, adhering to this formula for success:

Innovation = (Imagination + Empowerment) × Daring

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