Alaska CID Offices


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Alaska CID Offices

The Alaska CID Field Offices support commanders by conducting criminal investigations of serious, sensitive or special interest matters, preventing crime, preserving the force and Army resources in peacetime, combat, and contingency operations throughout the detachment’s area of operations.

CID Offices are responsible for all felony investigation matters with a U.S. Army Interest throughout an area of operations encompassing the entire state of Alaska with offices at Fort Wainwright and Fort Richardson at JBER.

Fort Wainwright
Special Agent in Charge Heriberto Rodriguez
Detachment Sergeant SFC Jeffrey Barr
Mailing Address:
Fort Wainwright CID Office
Unit#12 BLDG#1051  Gaffney Road
Fort Wainwright AK, 99703
COMM: 907-353-6214
DSN: (317) 353-6214

Fort Richardson
Special Agent in Charge Dale Martin
Detachment Sergeant SFC Matthew Hickman
Mailing Address:
83rd MP Det. CID
1107 Doe Street
JBER AK, 99505
COMM: 907-353-3974
DSN: (315) 644-4188

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